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Jah Seeds

We will present Jah-Seeds, a cannabis seed bank that stands for premium quality of its seeds. The search for the best genetics is our motivation.

The market has a quality deficit Guaranteed by continuity or stability of such races. Everyone is tired of seeing the same seeds with different names and buy pig in a poke, and came to the point where it is easy to recognize a real or true Critical Mass, Amnesia Haze and these are things that can not pass. since we are talking about two of the best genetics of this old continent.

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Our Team

How everything started

Our family works with these genetic since 2004/2007, which will add Flavius ​​Horrendus (2002) one of our first choices, a mother chosen from the old Dutch school and landraces, African, plant with strong stem, very resistant to fungi and very productive. We work with more than a dozen genetic, but our big bet is to exploit the true potential of these three strong pillars.

The best selection

Choice of seed

Regarding the selection of our seeds, this is done manually, one by one, in which only the most resistant and completely formed are chosen. They are saved, where the temperature and humidity in order to extend the excellent quality of our products are constantly monitored.

Thanks to our genetic quality, and knowledge gained over the years by selecting powerful plants with strange tastes, with resistance to various adverse agents (insects, Cold, fungi, etc ....) .Trabalhamos also to adapt our plans for the most recent culture media, we can ensure the highest level of satisfaction when purchasing Jah-Seeds products.

Remember, do not produce simple cannabis seeds.